Friday, January 28, 2011

Irrigation Adventure

For the past few days we’ve been trying to figure out why our water meter was running so fast.  The bad news: at least half of the irrigation pipe was under our main sidewalk, which we would have loved to dig up completely to find the leak, but we just really weren’t in the mood today.  Fortunately, our grounds manager, Veronika, was able to point out an area where she thought the soil was wet and the palms were growing faster than normal.  With the assistance of Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority staff and their specialized equipment, a hidden split in a pipe connector was found in this area. Veronika and David, our maintenance specialist, quickly replaced the broken pipe.  We had to remove some small plants to fix the leak, but that was little problem, especially considering the leak could have been under something like our robust Cuban petticoat palm (Copernicia macroglossa).  I’ll be looking to procure a new species for this spot in our collection that will fit our ethnobotanical mission.

Rick Hederstrom
Associate Director

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